Computer Museum

This collection of Apple equipment, is growing daily, due to the generosity of the public and my personal dedication to preserve computing history.

Any persons wishing to donate their unused Apple equipment, please email Craig Sayer at the following email address:

There is also a very large collection of other types of Computers including Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, Acorn, Cambridge, Oric, Dragon, Aquarius, Tandy, Texas Instruments, Enterprise, Phillips etc......... (Except Amstrad!!! - You have to draw the line somewhere!) Any donations would also be gladly accepted.

Personally i would like to setup a Computer Museum in the South East of England, which i'm sure would be quite an attraction! I certainly have more than enough equipment to fill an exhibition already. If you can help in this way, maybe with the appropriate space to display all these items please contact me on the above.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the collection and preserving the history of computing!


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